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Tax Consulting

Elaborating tax returns and tax exemptions for individual as well as legal entities.
Verifying tax assessments and taxation for all Swiss cantons.


Management Consulting

Implementing company incorporations, conversions, realignment, restructuring, mergers and liquidations.
Evaluation of companies in Switzerland and abroad.



Interim and annual auditing by licensed auditors in accordance with art.  727 ff of the Swiss Securities Law.
Audits and reports for reductions in corporate capital, transfer of domicile by foreign companies into Switzerland, assessments in preparation for company formation, assessing increases in corporate capital and audits in accordance with art. 697a – 697g of the Swiss Securities Law.



Keeping client accounts in accordance with both Swiss and foreign financial reporting laws.
Accounting, balancing of accounts and reporting in accordance with IFRS.



Incorporating, managing and administering Swiss holding companies and domiciled corporations as well as foreign offshore companies.
Domiciling of Swiss companies as well as the adoption of a seat on the board of directors in both domestic and foreign companies.



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